Advertising as a Seller

The Horse Professionals are here to aid in the marketing of your sale horse to prospective buyers. All horses that appear on our website have undergone an extensive review of their video footage, show records, and proof of lineage (where applicable).

An individual and unique marketing program will be designed especially for you, geared towards your horse and its strengths, and targeted towards specific audiences to maximize your exposure and increase the potential for a sale.

Each individual marketing program is designed to cater to your needs, with advertisements geared towards the specific discipline of your horse, and targeted towards relevant coaches, trainers, and buyers. This approach allows your horse to receive the maximum level of exposure, with increased odds of a successful sale. The level of advertisement you receive will depend on your choice of marketing package. For that extra special horse in need of promotion, enquire about our platinum level of advertising.

How to get started

Fill out the appropriate form below. All forms submitted will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Seller’s form

To see the prices and marketing packages we have available, please check out our Sellers Packages on our sellers service page.

Multiple Horse Discounts

Discounts on listing fees are available to individuals interested in marketing multiple horses with The Horse Professionals. So if you are a breeder with a number of horses to market, or an owner who is downsizing their numbers, we can offer you a marketing program to help find buyers for all your sale horses. Please email or call for details.

Photos and Video

The Horse Professionals are here to assist you in marketing your horse, and we want your horse to stand out, so we are pleased to offer professional video and photography services. First impressions are important, and we are here to provide you with powerful and effective marketing material, essential to improving your chances at a sale.


There are a variety of direct payment methods for the services that you select. We accept payment through PayPal and Email.

The Horse Professionals reserve the right to choose which horses it markets to its clients, and all those who contact us will be notified upon acceptance. Information found on our website has been provided directly from the owner (or agent) of the horse, and The Horse Professionals cannot be held accountable or liable for any potential misinformation.

A comprehensive list of the standards of practice upheld by The Horse Professionals can be found within our disclaimer and privacy policy.