Privacy Policy

The Horse Professionals is fully committed to ensure your privacy is protected. All personal information collected from clients, be they seller or buyer, will be kept private.

Personal information collected by The Horse Professionals will not be shared or sold to third parties.

All parties must understand this policy and consent to The Horse Professionals use of information provided for marketing purposes only.

By registering with our service you also agree to the receipt of periodic emails, sent to the email held on file. Contact will be in regards to your listing, reminders, and keeping you up to date on news horses that have been marketed on our site.


The Horse Professionals (hereafter referred to as THP) provides no guarantee that your horse will be sold. THP does not guarantee the accuracy of representation of a marketed horse’s present or future health, performance, or suitability for a particular discipline. In the event of any dispute, all parties within any part of the transaction will fully release THP and its owners, agents, and subsidiaries from any and all claims, demands, and damages of every kind and nature, known or unknown, suspected, disclosed or undisclosed, arising from or connected in any way with any and all equine activities.

THP recommends strongly that a pre-purchase exam be performed by the buyer’s chosen equine veterinarian on any horse, prior to purchase. THP also strongly recommends that buyer’s invest in equine insurance after the completion of a purchase, as soon as possible.

THP reserves the right to refuse to do business with any party, for any reason.

All parties that are involved in trying out a horse, being present at an equine facility, or being present in a vehicle operated by a THP representative, waive any and all rights to legal action. Parties who are client to THP will assume and accept all risks, including but not limited to injury, disability, loss of property, and death.

You, the client, as well as heirs, executors, and representatives fully and unconditionally assume and release THP, owners, directors, shareholders, officers, volunteers, agents, successors, principals, and anyone else associated with The Horse Professionals from any and all fault.